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My mission is to empower and help women from all walks of life to become the best she can be through life coaching, life groups, networking events, and sisterhood fellowship.   


The Queendom Life is designed to build a sisterhood of like-minded women to be formed in which each woman feels empowered and confident in who she is while encouraging and uplifting her fellow sister to do the same. 

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Meet Your Coach

Ambrosia B. Johnson

Queendom Life Empowerment Coaching offers one on one self-development to women looking to unleash their inner Queen. 


In each coaching session, we will work outline your goals and develop a plan to ensure you accomplish them.


Getting UNSTUCK will allow you to move forward, and learn how to become the victor and accept what that life would look like.


I have a gift for you. Use your personal affirmation journal to help you complete your assignments.


Are you struggling to identify your inner Queen?

Trying to connect with your purpose while juggling life is common for women of all ages. Feeling stuck is actually the first step towards unleashing your blockers and creating a Queendom Life. 

 Identity Issues

I'm not sure of who I am or what my purpose is. I don't know if  I am good enough.

Broken Faith

I know I am growing and changing but I am somewhat resistant because change is uncomfortable to me.


I'm exhausted from trying to balance life on top of my own personal issues, work, and have no time for myself.


My past experience was traumatic and I am stuck. It's  difficult

for me to even think about moving forward. 

Does this sound like you?
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Creating a Queendom Life allows women just like you to feel empowered and learn to take control of their trauma.


"Queen, you are filled with boldness and confidence. Believe in who you

and whose you are." 

Ambrosia B. Johnson


Are you ready to learn how to express your confidence without hesitation? It takes a strong woman to know exactly who she is and all of the great things she has to offer.


Queen - That Woman is You.


Your past will no longer be able to restrain you, and you will soon be able to embrace your future because you will be equipped with the tools, strategies, and coping skills to move forward.


Is today the day you feel empowered to conquer the world and to get all God has in store for you? 

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